How To Fix Redmi 4 No Network With Mi Flash Tool

Finally, after we successfully bypassed xiaomi account it turned out that the signal was missing or IMEI Null or Unknown Baseband problem, the IMEI was lost may be caused by an android system that does not work properly, especially on the modem file, can also modem files, nonhlos it has been corrupted and caused the signal to be lost both, we also found an indication that when your redmi 4 prada is connected to wifi, the signal is there but still can't make a call, and when the wifi is deactivated, the signal disappears again.

How To Fix Redmi 4 No Network With Mi Flash Tool

For the Miui version, at first we used the Miui 9 version and it turned out that the signal was lost, then we tried flashing again using the Miui version 8.0,5,0 and we did the flashing process using a special file that we had wrapped and we included under the writing this, as a result, the signal appears and has returned to normal as before, we will try to explain it here

Download Files Bellow

How To And Tutorial
  • Extract all file downloads using WinRAR or 7ZIP or similar applications and will produce 3 folders including (modem1, modem2, modem3)
  • Install the Qualcomm USB flashing driver and also the Mi Flash Tool, adjust it to your Windows computer system that you are using now
  • For those who have not UBL, please look for the location of the test point because it will use the EDL method and for those who already have the UBL the 9008 entry method is up to you, for example, using the Windows command or the application minimal adb fastboot tool
  • After you can enter and read qualcomm 9008 in your computer's device manager, continue by opening the xiaomi flash tool
  • Press refresh first so that the xiaomi flash tool can read your device that is already in 9008
  • Select clean all and select then navigate inside the modem1 folder and select the rawprogram.xml file or if the signal still doesn't appear, please select the modem2 or modem 3 folder
  • Finally, select flash and wait for less than 1 minute the flashing process is complete with a light green colored mark with succsess information
  • Remove your redmi 4 device and please install your gsm card
  • Finished

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