Wednesday, September 12, 2018

How To Flash Huawei Y530-U00 With QFILL

How to Flash Huawei Y530-U00 Via QFill is our article this morning, this type of Huawei device is included in the qualcomm category, therefore if you have this type and have problems not being able to enter the menu, or Huawei Y530 detected 9008, even the bootloop position even though you can use this method using qfill, which we will provide the tutorial is to use the test point method and without battery, it's okay not to linger anymore we will deliver the tutorial, beforehand please prepare the file and also the tool here
How To Flash Huawei Y530-U00 Bootloop Fix
Download Files Here
  1. Firmware Huawei Y530-U00
  2. Qualcomm USB Flashing Driver
  3. QFILL Tool Terbaru
Step For Flashing With QFILL
  • Extract all files and flashing tools on your computer or laptop
  • After everything is finished, install the qualcomm qpst tool and also the qualcomm flashing driver
  • Disable your Huawei Y530 and remove the battery, because here we will not use the battery for the flashing process
  • Paste the two test points of Huawei Y530 like the picture we have given above and connect your devices to a computer or laptop until Qualcomm HS USB QDloader 9008 is detected
  • Open QPST and look at the windows Start program menu and select QFILL
  • If the connection between devices and the computer is successful, the QFILL tool will automatically detect your Qualcomm 9008
  • Select the "Programmer Path" menu and navigate to the prog_emmc file
  • After that, select the "Load XML" menu again and navigate to the rawprogram0.xml file and also patch0.xml
  • After everything is correct and make sure the flashing process will run properly, the last step click on the "Download" menu
  • Wait until the process is complete and after everything is finished please turn on your Huawei
  • Finished
This Huawei Y530 flashing we use a test point, and for the location of the test point huawei y530 we have included the picture that you can see below,tutorial on Huawei Y530 Bootloop Solution or Huawei Y530 Only Vibrate Solution,thank you

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