How to Write IMEI Qualcomm With UFI Box

Of most Qualcomm smartphones such as Xiaomi and Redmi and some other models may have imei invalid or imei null, this problem can occur in because you most likely forget to backup nvram data and qcn files or connect with imei, tools to write imei type Qualcomm is almost paid for everything, but some are used freely, for this free version may also be very limited in terms of features and also its usefulness, here we will explain How To Write Imei Qualcomm With UFI Box

Write IMEI Qualcomm

For those of you who have box flasher or dongle flasher very much once you use to write imei qualcomm, here we just exemplify using UFI Box, please you try it with box flasher other than that I use, you need to know that before you can write imei smartphone qualcomm , your phone has to be in rooted condition, for those who have not rooted, it's good you rooted your phone first with some rooting apps of course, and after your phone successfully rooted, then please follow the tutorial we submit here
  1. Download Qulcomm HS-USB QDLoader Driver Latest and install on your computer or your laptop, then adjust to the windows system you use when will write imei
  2. Download QPST & QFILL Tool and install it on your computer or laptop, this tool is useful to detect your phone if your phone is not recognized by device manager
To be more clear and sure, we will not write as we have explained from some of my previous articles, because we will explain it through visual tutorials to make it easier for you to fix imei invalid or imei null qualcomm, follow the tutorial until finished so that the results we will get can solve your problems

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