Monday, May 28, 2018

Samsung Galaxy V Plus [SM-G318HZ] USB Charging Ways

As a technician of mobile phones around the world we have to give good service to consumers who are experiencing problems on the smartphone that is owned, one of them is a problem that we often encounter is not able to charge the battery when we will charger our mobile phone, here we will give a little tutorial Samsung Galaxy V Plus USB Charging trick and usb ways

Samsung [SM-G318HZ] USB Charging Ways

Samsung [SM-G318HZ] USB Charging Ways

Before you fix the usb charging ways,of this type samsung, it would be nice to check the whole of the components associated with usb charging path, when it does find the end of the ways, immediately connect as in the picture I have given above,Hopefully it can be a little help for you especially for the technicians anywhere mobile phone is, good luck...

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