How To Write Imei All Mediatek With UFI Box

For you UFI Box users, we will try to share tutorial how to restore Imei Invalid Mediatek Smartphone using UFI Box, before you prepare first the supporting files so that Imei Invalid All Mediatek can succeed, and adjust with its MTK series, eg MT6572, we take the files his APBD and Modem Database from MT6572, okay not to linger anymore we just see how the tutorial is visually we dedicate to you all and the above files that I mentioned I have included also below

How To Write Imei All Mediatek

APBD And Modem Database
  1. Modem Database & APBD Files Imei Repair
  2. MTK_CDC_Usb Driver
To make it easier for you to work on the invalid imei problem of all this mediatek, please see and practice according to what I explain in the video below, for those of you who do not have UFI Box, I suggest you can use Maui Meta 3G, but for tools this is very limited there are its features, you can also use Box Flasher other than UFI Box among its Dongle MRT, Djawir Key, BST Dongle, and other dongles that are able to overcome the problem Invalid Imei All Mediatek

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