APBD & Modem Database Files For Mediatek Imei Repair

After we share the tutorial How to Repair Invalid Imei All Mediatek, now its time we will share the files that we think is very important, because without this file is not possible you can repair imei mediatek for all types of your android smartphone.to be able to write imei you can also use tools Maui Meta 3G because this tool is specifically for mediatek which I will explain in our next article, for those of you who already have box flasher like UFI Box, and other dongle it, please you improvitaton yourself according to your easy and simple workmanship

APBD & Modem Database Mediatek Imei Repair
Download APBD & Modem Database
  1. MT6235
  2. MT6250
  3. MT6252
  4. MT6253
  5. MT6260
  6. MT6516
  7. MT6571
  8. MT6572
  9. MT6575
  10. MT6577
  11. MT6580
  12. MT6582 LTE
  13. MT6582
  14. MT6589
  15. MT6589T
  16. MT6591
  17. MT6592
  18. MT6595
  19. MT6735
  20. MT6752
  21. MT6753
You need to know that you are assigned to meticulous in choosing the above existing files that match the type of mediatek you will process write imei or invalid imei mediatek, good luck and thank you, give your comment if there is a link error so we fix it immediately

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