Saturday, April 28, 2018

Oppo A37F Forgot Paternt Lock Solution

You are still required to verify with the security that you created to be able to reset your smartphone settings yourself. Where when your smartphone bootloop, you can also choose how to flashing this as a solution. It's not fun to have to see which smartphone you have can not be used normally. Why that can happen and why you can forget the security of screen which is an important factor for your privacy. When you've been stuck in the security screen and smartphone may be a problem bootloop, softbrick, this makes you confused. We will immediately review tips on how to flashing this and try you can always carefully from the initial stage so you really understand the intent of this post.

Oppo A37F Forgot Paternt Lock

Download Files
  1. Oppo A37F Firmware Tested
  2. Qualcomm USB Driver

How To Solved
  • After you successfully downloaded the two materials above, please extract everything first in your computer / laptop
  • Install Qualcomm Usb Driver and if you encounter problems after successfully installing and connecting oppo to computer but still not detected or just detected as "Suite Emergency Driver" please Disable Driver Signature In Windows 7,8 And 10
  • Once successfully connected for the next step is
  • Open Msm8x39 Download Tool which is inside the oppo a37f firmware folder
  • Press both the volume keys on the phone then connect its Oppo A37F to the computer
  • Leave it to the device manager as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008
  • Click on the Verify menu located in the top left corner of the Msm8x39 Download Tool until OK appears
  • Finally click Start and wait a while until the flash process succeeded and when the process is completed there will be a green description as shown below
Oppo A37F Forgot Paternt Lock
  • Remove the Oppo A37F from your computer or laptop and please turn it on
  • Done
So how to flash Oppo A37f with tools that we can discuss today as a guide for you who want to restore a smartphone bootloop or when the difficulty of removing the pattern lock of the screen smartphone itself. useful thank you

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