Saturday, April 7, 2018

How To Fix Find Device Corrupted Any Xiaomi

Please note that the problem of find devices storage error and proximity sensor is not working is usually due to after micloud bypass clean. What is a micloud clean bypass? Bypass micloud clean is unlocking a Xiaomi smartphone that is locked with a micloud in order to work properly with without disabling this mi account. Thus, the mi account can be used again and will not be locked again with the mi account when the update ota (up version of its MIUI). Bypass micloud clean is preferable to bypass disable this mi account, because disable mi account automatically mi account becomes disabled and of course we can not use Xiaomi features that require login use this account, one of them at any time you will download the theme and so forth.

Fix Find Device Corrupted Any Xiaomi

Although the bypass micloud clean at first glance looks battle, but it does not mean absolutely perfect there must be a possibility of bugs, One of the bugs of bypass micloud clean is the proximity sensor that becomes not working, besides often appear error messages Find device storage corrupted, your device is unsafe now, the effect of bypass clean is to become malfunctioning fingerprint. It's just that not all Xiaomi devices (most still work its fingerprint after micloud clean bypass). All the above bugs, can be overcome by using a special file fix proximity sensor, when the proximity sensor is working can be said all other errors are definitely lost, including the problem of finding device storage corrupted. Let's just look at how the ways and solutions to solve this together

Download File Bellow
How To Fix Problem Find Device
  • Login to your account here you can create a new mi account or can also use the mi account you have or the old one, and make sure the find devices on your smartphone has been active
  • Go to developer mode or Developer Option
  • Enable USB Debuging and also OEM Unlock it on redmi note 3 pro
  • Then please you open the official website on the computers and login with the account that you created in the above step
  • After that please login on your smartphone and select Find Device - Select again Locating and select Noise wait until the alarm on redmi note 3 pro you read and finish
  • After successful entry, please do the flash with File Fix Sensor
  • And Done
That's a few steps to find the Find Device Storage Corrupted Solution on your 3rd note repenzo, hopefully useful and useful for you and thank you

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