Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Fix Invalid Imei Samsung S4 i9500 Mediatek

Fix Invalid Imei Samsung S4 i9500 Mediatek, for you samsung s4 i9500 mediatek ordinary users we call it with samsung s4 supercopy and experience something strange like imei null, imei invalid after hard reset and after flash, in fact this will not happen if you care for backups of the entire data including nvram files as well, but it is not denied also that our work in a hurry that will happen until imei samsung s4 you become invalid or null, one of the things that may have been much discussed also if our smartphone loses imei certainly gsm card that we input will not be readable by our smartphone, and the absence of network. 

Imei Samsung S4 i9500 Mediatek

Download Files
  1. MTK Droid Tool
  2. DB Files All MTK
  3. MTK USB Driver dan MTK CDC Driver
  4. MauiMeta 3G.exe

How To Fix And Procedure
  • You extract the three files you have downloaded above
  • Install the Maui Meta 3G because with this tool imei samsung s4 you will be back
  • Install mtk usb driver and also mtk cdc driver
  • Do not forget to enable usb debuging it in samsung s4
  • Open mtk droid tool and connect your samsung s4 to pc then let cdc driver and mtk driver install
  • And if properly connected, the mtk droid tool will read everything including Baseband Version like this picture
Imei Samsung S4 i9500 Mediatek
  • I mark the red box that Baseband reads by the mtk droid tool, and make sure you always see Baseband when it's there and it shows up, I'm sure imei will come back, but if Baseband is empty, very badly can not do write imei with any tool
  • Once read and baseband v is there, turn off your s4 samsung first
  • Write imei that is behind the battery in notepad let it easy
  • Open Maui Meta 3g and click on Options then select "Connect Smartphone into META mode"
  • Click the "Reconnect" menu and connect your samsung s4 while pressing the volume down key
  • If true will appear a new window and you select Imei Download for more details please see the picture below
Imei Samsung S4 i9500 Mediatek
  • Please click Change NVRAM Database File and then enter the APBD file that is in the folder DB file downloaded earlier
  • After succsessfully you please manually type imei earlier that you have typed in notepad
  • When you finish typing imei then click Download To Flash
  • Last click on "Disconnect"
  • Samsung S4 you will restart and wait until the home screen menu and try to check with Dial * # 06 #
  • Done

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