Monday, April 2, 2018

Blackberry Z10 STL100-1,2,3,4 Anti Theft Solution

I hope this evening you can freely spend the weekend with your family, but not for my article this time about how to Remove Anti Theft Blackberry Z10 STL100-1, tonight I will share the tutorial way above that is when you have a problem with your blackberry z10 who ask for id blackberry and you yourself forgot or after hard reset, or maybe after the flash reset and it turns out after life ask id blackberry, because this blackberry id is devoted to protect from theft, okay how, we just look directly below
Remove Antitheft Protection Blackberry Z10
Download Files

How To Remove Antitheft Protection
  • Install the blackberry link and select just install driver only
  • Extract autoloader special anti theft 1 file is also on your computer and will generate 2 autoloader files, among others autoloader 1 and autoloader 2
  • Open the anti theft autoloader file to 1 and click it
  • Connect your blackberry to the computer and the process will run immediately, this first process is done so that when finished there will not be a red blink because this file is a file downgrade
  • Once done, turn on your blackberry and maybe this early step your blackberry is still locked id blackberry
  • Turn off again blackberry that you flash with autoloader to 1 and still locked
  • Click autoloader special anti theft to 2 and reconnect your blackberry then the flash process will run again
  • Wait until finished flashing with autoloader to 2 and when finished then you direct setting and going directly to home screen and will not be locked again
  • But you can see that there are only partial applications and not full applications like normal blackberry on its general
  • If you want full apps like normal blackberry in general, please use Darcy; s Blackberry Tool
  • Done
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That's my discussion on this night about How to Remove Anti Theft Blackberry Z10 STL100-1, hopefully I have delivered above can be useful for you all, I thank you for super mas that support file and last I say thank you

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