Monday, March 5, 2018

How To Solved Asus A400CG (T00I) Bootloop And Hang Logo

Today I'll try to share How To Solved Asus T00I Bootloop And Hang Logo where the position of the asus zenfone 4 t00i it can not enter the menu as normal on asus, or general term Bootloop and Hang the Logo, or we call with the term Unbrick, we just follow the how to

Solved Asus A400CG (T00I) Bootloop

Download The Following Files
  1. Asus T00I Firmware TW.raw Version Click Here
  2. Asus T00I Firmware WW.raw Veersion Click Here
  3. Asus USB Driver Click Here
  4. Asus Flashtool Click Here

Following Step
  • Extract all of the files that are already in the download above
  • Install the asus usb drivers on your computer
  • Turn off asus zenfone and enter the by pressing droidboot button volume up and power button together
  • Go to asus flashtool and automatically the asus fastboot serial number you would read on asus flashtool then just click it there
  • Select model asus with click models and scrool to the bottom to find the appropriate type asus with asus you would you flash
  • On the options menu please select the Wipe just click YES
  • Click on the browse menu and navigate to the folder where you extract the firmware file with the extension of RAW
  • If you do not see files with the kind of RAW, do I click SHIFT and double click on number 8 on your computer and then choose Asus TW RAW
  • After everything properly last click START
  • Wait until process completed flash and this will be signaled by the indicators Flash Image Succsessfully then asus you will restart and finished like the picture below

Solved Asus A400CG (T00I) Bootloop

That's how it works and How To Solved Asus A400CG (T00I) Bootloop And Hang Logo i share today,thanks

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