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How To Remove Xiaomi Account Redmi 4a

if experience and trouble on redmi 4a rolex with damage such as requesting activation of mi account or we call this remove micloud, I will share tutorial here using micloud redmi 4a miui 8 global firmware, not longer again I will continue how to Bypass Micloud Redmi 4a Rolex Free below

Remove Xiaomi Account Redmi 4a

Download Files
  1. Firmware Micloud Redmi 4a Rolex Click Here
  2. Qualcomm USB Driver Click Here
  3. Mi Flash Setup.exe Click Here
  4. ADB Fastboot Tool Click Here
  5. No Password And Free Click Here
Step 1 Bypass Micloud Redmi 4a Test Point
  • Extract the above files using winrar or other extractor type
  • Install qualcomm usb driver on your computer and if you are using windows 8 or 10, please disable driver signature for flashing process does not occur error
  • If you are familiar with the test point mode, this is the image where the test point for redmi 4a rolex
Remove Xiaomi Account Redmi 4a
  • Please connect point A to point B using tweezers or similar materials, the point is redmi 4a you can read as qualcomm hs-usb qdloader 9008
  • Once properly read we continue by opening the mi flash and click refresh on the mi flash and it will look there already COM used by your redmi 4a
  • Click browse on the mi flash and navigate where you extract the micloud redmi 4a firmware on the computer
  • Finally click Flash on the flash and wait a while until there is a description on the flash as follows "the operation succsessfully"
  • Then please you remove redmi 4a rolex from your pc and please turn it on
  • Done

Step 2 Remove Micloud Redmi 4a Rolex Via Fastboot
  • Remove all simcard and also your external memory that is still inside your redmi 4a smartphone
  • Turn off redmi 4a and go into fastboot mode by pressing the volume down key and power button together
  • After getting into fastboot mode please connect your redmi 4a to pc and let the driver install it to completion
  • Go back to the ADB Fastboot Tool folder you extracted earlier and right in that folder you press the Shift key on the pc keyboard and left click on your pc mouse and select Open Windows Command Here
  • Immediately will appear your windows pc command prompt and type in it as follows
  1. fastboot device then enter
  2. fastboot oem edl then enter
  • With the automatically read only "Android Bootloader Interface" has now changed to Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008
  • New you open mi flash and click refresh then will appear COM as COM which is used by redmi 4a you
  • Click browse and navigate to the redmi 4a rolex firmware folder
  • Finally click Flash and wait until successful and finished flashing process and if there is information "the operation succsessfully" means the process of flashing and bypass process micloud redmi 4a rolex you are done and succeed
  • Done

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Similarly tutorial How to Bypass Micloud Redmi 4a Rolex Free which I think is clear and there are 2 methods for how to remove micloud redmi 4a rolex it here, may what I give benefit for you and for all, thank you

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