How To Remove Mi Account Redmi Note 4x SD

How To Remove Mi Account Redmi Note 4x

Download This Files
  1. Redmi Note 4x Remove Files
  2. Mi Flash Latest Version
  3. Qualcomm USB Driver
Remove Procedure
  • Install qualcomm usb driver and mi flash on your computer
  • Extract file bypass redmi note 4x anywhere
  • Open your smartphone machine until it looks pin test point
  • Connect the two pins of the test point using anything until the computer is detected Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008
  • When it is connected as a qualcomm 9008, now all you have to do is open up the mi flash and run as administrator
  • After the mi flash is opens, click on browse and navigate to the bypass file where you saved the file
  • Look at the mi flash, there will be a serial number of your xiaomi, if there is none, please click Refresh until your xiaomi serial number appears in mi flash
  • If you already appear serial number please you click Flash
  • And the unlock process of unlock mi cloud redmi note 4x immediately run and you can wait until the process is complete
  • After completion of the process there will be a description that flash done succsess
  • Finish the process of remove micloud, remove your xioami from the computer and finished
Please note that this way is my way, and if it turns out to be your own way of failure, it is not our responsibility, we make this article because we have tested and succeeded by us so,This bypass file no error or no bug including and tested by me and do with your on risk,read before your flashing procedure

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