Wednesday, March 21, 2018

How To Fix Sensor For All Xiaomi Device

here and on the opportunity this morning I try to give a little tutorial how to Fix Sensor In All Xiaomi Device via command prompt, maybe this is the way that when you use the sensor in xiaomi device you will not run and work, consequently you less comfortable using smartphone xiaomi yourself,

How To Fix Sensor For All Xiaomi

Many causes why the sensor does not work as we expect, because of errors that occur in the cause of several factors, among others There is also a sensor error when using the VR (Virual Reality), the main cause is the error Gyroscope sensor. After checking through the Sensor BOX application, then caught if there are some censorship in Xiaomi crossed, playing games, after hard reset, after bypass micloud, after flashing again and many more other cause.for that I will try to share through my article in chance this time and let's just go ahead and how to fix the sensor in all xiaomi

Download This Files
  1. Download Sensor Box Click Here
  2. Minimal ADB And Fastboot Click Here
This applies to Xiaomi devices that have Unlock Bootloader
How To Fix Sensor
  • Extract the files you have downloaded above
  • Install xiaomi usb driver to match your xiaomi device type
  • Copy persist.img to the minimal adb and fastboot installation directory in C: \ Program Files \ Minimal ADB And Fastboot \ Here
  • Persist.img file can be taken from the xiaomi firmware that matches your xiaomi type
  • Then you open at least adb and fastboot and the command prompt window will appear and please you type the command as follows
fastboot devices - enter 
fastboot erase persist - enter 
fastboot flash persist persist.img - enter 
fastboot reboot - enter
  • If later xiaomi device you restart by itself means the process of persist.img flash is complete and please check the sensor
  • And this is the result
Please note that how to fix the fix sensor of all xiaomi is only for xiaomi device that has unlock bootloader and all the risk that caused by your mistake and your failure is not our responsibility

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