Thursday, March 29, 2018

How To Bypass And Clean Mi Account Redmi Note 5a

for the opportunity tonight I will share the tutorial How to Bypass Micloud [Mi Account] Redmi Note 5a or commonly called Redmi Note 5a UGGLITE, because many also do not know what type and model xiaomi or redmi what you use, so to this I have made an article where the article discusses how to know the type xiaomi - redmi clearly and definitely of course, so this way can be used for the process of flashing or remove micloud, and let us just how to do below
Bypass And Clean Mi Account Redmi Note 5a
Download Files
  1. File Bypass Micloud Redmi Note 5a Here
  2. File Remove Mi Account Redmi Note 5a Here
  3. Qualcomm USB Driver Here
  4. Download Sensor Fix Here
Before I explain the tutorial, you should do the following so that you can easily remove mi account redmi note 5a, and here we will not use flash mi or flashing process again, because this file is cmd and you just click and select no that suits your needs, and for your device to pc connection still have to edl mode, and this is one test point redmi note 5a

Bypass And Clean Mi Account Redmi Note 5a

Procedure Remove Redmi Note 5a
  • Extract mi account bypass file that you downloaded earlier
  • Afterwards please you install qualcomm hs usb driver for connection between device and pc connected well
  • Turn off your redmi note 5a and look for the test point like the picture above and connect both test point it uses the material of any point the two points are connected
  • Once correct please connect your device to pc and until the driver install it well
  • If it is correct you open the file folder bypass micloud and click on mi5a-miaccount.bat like following picture
Bypass And Clean Mi Account Redmi Note 5a
  • After you click will appear cmd window and please just select no 2 remove press number 2 on keyboard and wait until finished
  • And now this account is no longer locked
How Ti Fix Any Bugs
  • Enter a new or old Mi Account on your 5th note Redmi
  • Enter developer mode how to click 7x on Miui version of your phone settings
  • Enable Usb Debuging and Unlock Oem
  • Flash with Fix sensor files using mi flash via EDL
  • Done
So my article discuss How to Bypass Micloud [Mi Account] Redmi Note 5a hopefully this tutorial can be useful for you all, thanks

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