Monday, February 12, 2018

[REPAIRE] Unbrick Zenfone 5 T00J [A500CG]

Unbrick Zenfone 5 T00J

Debrick here what I mean is when you turn on the asus zenfone 5 there is only shakes and pops usb images with white lines in the middle on the screen and then off again, just so on, but when the asus is connected to the computer, usb images and white lines in the middle will not die stuck in this picture only The picture above is the position of the asus when connected to a computer like that and the device manager will be detected as CloverviewPlus,how to debrick asus zenfone 5 a500cg this in order to get back to normal and we can use again as before

Download Files Asus File

  1. fastboot-2.19.img.pos Click Here 
  2. Asus debrick firmware Click Here

Asus Zenfone 5 Firmware customize with your SKU asus and here I will not give the link because I'm sure you already know where asus firmware is, or if you are flashing using asus flashtool please use raw firmware here, so it's up to you how to flashing it

How To Procedure

  • Install iSocUSB Driver to complete and do not have an error, install asus usb driver as well
  • Extract firmware debrick asus zenfone 5 on the computer
  • Extract the usual asus firmware instead of debrick firmware and find the file fastboot.img - boot.img and recovery.img copy and paste all three files into firmware folder asus debrick
  • Extract the fastboot-2.19.img.pos.bin file
  • Enter the debrias firmware folder asus debrick and locate the file "droidboot.img.POS_sign.bin" and also the file "droidboot_sign.bin" and delete both files
  • Copy do not Cut file "fastboot-2.19.img.pos.bin" to firmware folder asus debrick then rename it "droidboot.img.POS_sign.bin."
  • Copy do not Cut file "fastboot-2.19.img.pos.bin" to firmware folder asus debrick then rename it to "droidboot_sign.bin" after it will be like the following picture placement file

    Unbrick Zenfone 5 T00J

    • Then turn off your zenfone asus 5 and press the volume down key then connect to the computer, then on your computer device manager will be detected as cloverviewplus like this picture

    Unbrick Zenfone 5 T00J

    • Go back to the debrick asus debrry firmware folder and find Debrick.bat then double click and directly connect your asus zenfone 5 to the computer, if true, Debrick.bat will directly boot the intel logo

      Unbrick Zenfone 5 T00J

      • After successfully to recovery menu as above, the next step is to double click on sec_offline_update_image.cmd, because with this step can fix the partition table asus zenfone, see picture below that in click

      Unbrick Zenfone 5 T00J

      • After succeeding in the picture above then the next step is to click on CMD Start in the debrick firmware folder like this

      Unbrick Zenfone 5 T00J

      After click on the CMD will appear the command prompt window and type the command as follows

      fastboot flash fastboot fastboot.img then enter
      fastboot reboot-bootloader then enter
      fastboot flash boot boot.img then enter
      fastboot flash recovery recovery.img then enter

      So I delivered this morning, hopefully useful and hopefully you also managed to overcome Asus Zenfone 5 Just Cloverview, good luck and thanks