Friday, February 9, 2018

Remove Mi Account Redmi Note 4G LTE [ Dual SIM ]

Redmi Note 4G or commonly called Redmi Note 4G Dior requesting mi account and you must activate its mi account first so that you can use your phone redmi note 4g, to get past this mi account, or remove mi redmi note 4g or account bypass mi account redmi note 4g, there are some steps you must take to restore your smartphone to normal position as before, here we will explain how to Remove Mi Redmi Account Note 4g Dior for you everything

Remove Mi Account Redmi Note 4G

Previously I explained that to be able to remove this mi account you use the method of emergency download or EDL, because for fastboot to edl redmi note 4g file is not there yet, we use test point method and we will give also the location of the test point point below

Remove Mi Account Redmi Note 4G

Once correct please do exactly like what we give you the picture where the location of test point then you connect both point using any tool like tweezers and connect, then connect your redmi note 4g to computer or laptop and do not forget before you also have to install drivers so that your phone can be read on the device manager of the computer
  • The first step Download Remove Mi Account Files extract first remove files redmi note 4g where it is and located on the computer for your easy search
  • Next step Download Qualcomm USB Driver then install on your computer or laptop, if there is error and still can not be read, it's good you Disable Driver Signature Enforcement first
  • Furthermore after your phone reads as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 on device manager, open folder remove mi account files and inside there will be some files
  • Select "DIOR_EDL.exe" then click and will appear some options such as windows command and bypass mi process account redmi note 4g dior will automatically run
  • Wait until the process ends and finishes, when finished usually the phone will reboot by itself, but if the phone does not also reboot, please reboot manually only and turn on by pressing the power button beberpa seconds until the logo appears mi
  • Done
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