Sunday, February 11, 2018

How To Unbrick LG K7

Unbrick LG K7

Before reading ahead into the tutorial, please take the time to read the text in asterisks.

With the bricked LG K330, I noticed (for me at least) when I try to boot into download mode via the power and up vol buttons, I do not actually ever get taken to download mode screen. I do not know if the outcome is the same for everyone. But, although the same result came out of this method, what I did instead was

Use The Preparation Files

Minimal ADB And Fastboot Click Here

ADB Driver Click Here

Firmware LG K7 Tested Click Here

LGUP.msi Click Here 

In the LGK7330FIX folder, install "LGUP_Lab_Frame_Ver_1_10" FIRST, then install "LGUP_K330"

After all of this has been completed, open up the LGUP program that should have been located to your desktop, and your device should already be there, labeled as Version K33010f, on STANDBY Progress.

next, uncheck and recheck the BIN File bar at the bottom right and three little dots (...) should have appeared on the gray bar.
choose the located in the LGK7330FIX folder and click start.

your phone will boot into Firmware Update maybe a minute or so later, be patient as the Firmware Update step takes 5-10 minutes.
Don't panic when it looks like the tool jammed at 100% and your phone got stuck at 99%, it is just finalizing everything.
once it reboots, keep the program and your phone plugged in, until your phone loads the lockscreen. your phone is now unbricked & unrooted :)

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