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How To Flash Zenfone 5 And 6 Via Fastboot

Hot to flash, upgrade, downgrade, and change SKU Zenfone - The second post we'll share a tutorial to flash ASUS smartphones series. Right! It's Zenfone 5. Sometimes users got any errors nor stuck at boot logo (bootloop) or leads to force close the errors, so this post is the answer to solve the errors.

Flash Zenfone 5 And 6 Via Fastboot

We will show and guide you with a very detailed steps to flash your Zenfone 5 A500CG (T00F/T00J). Before execute our phone, we need some tools. They are :

PC with Windows installed

For recovery.img you must using lower version than firmware that will sideload. An example, I'll flash my Zenfone to Kitkat, so I need recovery Kitkat v2.21.40.30.

How To Flash Step
  • Install USB Driver for Android on your PC
  • Extract ADB and Fastboot Tool into specific directory on your computer
  • Copy recovery and firmware to folder that we set before with ADB and Fastboot Tool included.
  • Rename recovery and firmware to anything you want to make it easy. Example recov.img for recovery file and for firmware file
  • Turn on USB Debugging on Developer Option. How to tun on? Follow this steps : Go Setting Enter About Phone Choose Software Information Tap 7x on Build Number Back to Setting Choose Developer Option Turn it On
  • Enter droidboot mode. Turn off your phone -> Press power button + volume up -> Once vibrate release power button. We can enter Droidboot mode using ADB : Connect your Zenfone to PC -> Enter folder with ADB file -> Press Shift and Right Click -> Choose Open Command Windows Here -> Run this command adb reboot bootloader Zenfone will reboot and enter Droidboot mode automatically. Don't Miss Install Zenmotion Double ASUS to Your Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6
  • Open folder that you saved ADB and Fastboot tools
  • Press Shift and Right Click then choose Open Command Windows Here on your computer.
  • Check before action to make sure the Intel USB Driver for Android installed and work properly. Run the following : fastboot devices If you see '0123456789ABCDEF fastboot' you're ready to go next steps
  • Type and run the following command to flash recovery : fastboot flash recovery recov.img
  • Now go to Zenfone recovery mode
  • Using volume keys for up and down on your phone, choose Recovery from the menu using power button
  • After Android has booted into recovery mode, you'll see Android logo and harmless Command not found. Kitkat : Press and hold volume down, then press volume up once
  • The recovery menu should come up. Now, choose the Apply Update From ADB
  • At Window Command prompt type and run the command below : adb sideload It takes about 20 minutes to flash the new firmware. If all goes well, the Zenfone should be reporting its progress
  • Once the phone indicates completion, choose Factory reset/wipe option to completely wipe your phone
  • Next choose Wipe Cache Partition

Completed! Now reboot your Zenfone and you should have clean and fresh firmware

Do With Your On Risk...
PC with Windows installed A USB Cable to connect Intel USB Driver for Android. Download ADB Fastboot Tool. Download ASUS Zenfone 5 Firmware. Download Zenfone 5 Recovery Images. Download

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