Friday, February 9, 2018

Bypass Mi Account Redmi Mi Max [Hydrogen]

Bypass Mi Account Xiaomi Mi Max that I will share on this occasion is what I took from my experience when trying to fix the problem, the first time this phone experience bootloop and after we successfully re-install it back to see the problem that we must activate first xiaomi account on this smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi Max Mi Account Remove

As usual, for the type of smartphone with a Qualcomm chipset is definitely to be done test point so that xiaomi mi max read as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008, and we have included images from the test point xiaomi mi max following this pictureand we have also included some supporting files to remove mi xiaomi mi max hydrogen account to simplify your work processing this problem, and here are some files and tools you should prepare between them
  1. Xiaomi Mi Max Hydrogen Remove Files
  2. Qualcomm USB Driver 32bit & 64bit
Xiaomi Mi Max Mi Account Remove
  • Since the remove mi account xiaomi mi max does not require a flash process again and does not use the mi flash tool, we just connect your phone to the computer or laptop
  • But remember that Qualcomm USB Driver is installed properly, so the process runs with good results as well
  • You can also check the device manager of your computer or laptop and make sure it reads Qualcomm QDLoader 9008
  • If there is a failure in the installation of qualcomm usb driver how is your Disable Driver Signature Enforcment so that your phone can connect and the process runs smoothly
  • The next step open the folder xiaomi mi max remove mi account files and click "mimax_miaccount.batch" automatically there will be a new window as follows
  • Then there are some number options in it and you can choose the number 2 "Remove" process will run automatically
  • Wait for a few minutes until successful and release your phone from your computer or laptop when done

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