Thursday, September 13, 2018


Hello everyone, for the Redmi Note 3 Pro users also commonly called the Redmi Note 3 Pro Kenzo who is having problems with the device because it is locked into this account, tonight we will try to share a tutorial on how to bypass Micoudoud Redmi Note 3 Pro Miui 9 which we tested before we wrote this explanation, we just got the tutorial


Download The Following Files
  1. Redmi Note 3 Pro Mi Account Files
  2. Qualcomm Flashing Driver
  3. Mi Flashtool Latest Version
Follow The Tutoral Steps
  • Extract redmi note 3 pro removes files and all files that you have downloaded in the link above
  • Install Qualcomm flashing driver and also install mi flashtool on your computer or laptop of course
  • Turn off your smartphone and enter fastboot mode by pressing both the top volume and bottom volume buttons simultaneously
  • When the screen appears fastboot, release the two buttons and connect the smartphone to your computer or laptop
  • Open the "Fastboot To Edl V2" folder and select the file with the name "fastboot.batch" then press enter
  • Your smartphone will turn off immediately and only the led lights will blink, indicating that your redmi note 3 pro is already in the qualcomm 9008
  • Open mi flashtool and strongly recommend choosing the 2017.4.25 version and press the Refresh menu
  • For a moment the mi flashtool will appear com that has been used by your device
  • Then select the Select menu and navigate to the mi account remove file folder and select the small file first
  • If everything is correct, the next step is to click Flash and wait for a successful notification on the mi flashtool
  • Release your device from the computer when the flashing process has finished and turn it on

If after the bypass mi account redmi note 3 pro kenzo  and we connect it to wifi or we put the sim card locked into the mi account again, we follow the second step below

Second Steps For Fix
  • Just follow it step by step exactly as in our first step flashing using a small file size remove, but for this second step, you can choose the file remove mi account clean plus fix 4g and flashing as usual using mi flashtool
  • After the remove mi redmi note 3 pro snapdragon account has been removed and managed to open a mi account and we are sure it will not be locked again and the 4G signal will run normally, there are still deficiencies, namely Wifi, Bluethooth and also sensors that are not working or disabled.
  • To be able to reactivate all of its features including not being locked back in this account, we only need ROM miui and please download and then flash as usual we flash redmi or xiaomi and finish
This method that we have explained above is where we have tested and succeeded in not having a bug in the feature and can update to 10 if you need and like the version 10, congratulations on working and good luck, thank you

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