Monday, September 24, 2018


For Redmi 5a users and we often hear also as Redmi 5a Riva which happens to be your device has not unlocked the bootloader, here we will try to share the unlock bootloader firmware specifically for the Redmi 5a, this unlocked bootloader firmware has already been tested and it turns out that the redmi 5a device is correct managed to unlock the bootloader in the usual way how do we flash xiaomi or redmi using mi flashtool.


But before you start flashing the redmi 5a firmware unlock bootloader, we recommend that you first backup your device's IMEI number first, because after we tested the redmi 5a flashing using the unlock bootloader firmware it turned out that the IMEI was lost and the baseband unknown, note the points we explained above and this is important , if your device does not want to lose the IMEI number

Download File Bellow

Firmware Unlock Bootloader
Qualcomm Flashing Driver
Mi Flashtool All Version
How To Flash Redmi 5a With Firmware UBL

  • The first step you have to do is extract all the files that you downloaded earlier
  • Install Qualcomm Flashing Driver and also install Mi Flashtool 2017.4.25 because this flashtool mi version is very compatible with any xiaomi or redmi firmware
  • After everything is ready, the next process, because your redmi 5a is still locked bootloader position, use test points and or edl mode, please find the location of the redmi 5a test point
  • We assume you can enter the EDL test point mode and after that please connect your device to the PC until the device manager looks Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008
  • For problems with your device it is not yet read and visible in the device manager, because you use Windows 32bit or 64bit, all you have to do is Disable Driver Signature and after that please proceed to the next step
  • Open Mi Flashtool 2017.4.25 then select the Refresh menu and the serial com will appear which is used by your device in the device manager
  • The next step is to select the Select menu and navigate to where you extract the redmi 5a bootloader firmware unlock and just select the folder
  • The last step select the Flash menu and the process of flashing the redmi 5a unlock bootloader will run by itself
  • Wait until there is a Succssessfully Complete notification on the mi flashtool
  • After that you can release your device from the PC
  • Finished
You need to remember and know, we will not be responsible if errors that occur due to your own mistakes, and once again we remind Backup Imei Number first if you want to start using the redmi 5a bootloader firmware, success and thank you

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