Friday, September 14, 2018


We will try to give a tutorial on how to make the lost 4G network reappear and be able to return to the settings menu, after that it may be possible to reflash or bypass micloud and 4g signals disappear on redmi 3 devices, redmi 3 pro or redmi 3 prime, this method for devices that have not UBL or have not unlocked the bootloader, for those who have ubl, it may be very easy to make the 4G signal return


It's just to be able to restore this 4g signal, your device must have been installed twrp and root, how to install twrp and root redmi 3, redmi 3 pro or redmi 3 prime, you can see our article discusses Install TWRP and Root Redmi 3 Non UBL, we focus first on fixing the 4g redmi 3 with a few extra files as we have included below

How It Work & Steps

  • Download the fix 4g file and after that please copy and paste it in your internal storage device
  • Turn off your redmi 3 and go directly to the twrp menu by pressing both the top and bottom volume buttons then press the power button until the MI logo appears
  • After the MI logo appears, just release the power button and leave the two volume buttons pressed
  • If you have seen twrp red wolf, you are already in the twrp menu
  • Some menu options will appear and you can choose the "Install" menu then search for the fix file 4g that you copied on the internal storage in the first step
  • You can Swipe to the left to install the 4g fix file and wait for the description in the succssess display
  • After that, select the "Reboot System" menu
  • Wait until it's finished and can enter the homescreen
  • Finished

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