Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Flashing Nokia Lumia 1090 With Offline Mode

We will try to share the tutorial again, where have we prepared the Nokia Lumia 535 device unit with the initial state of entry is stuck on the Windows logo, Nokia 1090 bootloop, the step we explain here is to use the Lumia tool that you can see on the way it works at the end of the article.
Flashing Nokia Lumia 1090
As usual, before you have to prepare some files and Nokia Lumia 535 firmware that you can get also under our posts, it is recommended once before you process flash reset Nokia Lumia 1090 make sure that the battery is full charge, easy way because battery You can take this type of Nokia and you can use the power supply to speed up charging the battery, so just look carefully at the tutorial from beginning to end to make it easier to understand

Download Files Here
  1. Firmware Nokia Lumia 1090
  2. Nokia Lumia Tool
  3. Nokia Lumia Flashing Driver
Step By Step For Flashing

  • Extract files and also the tools that you have downloaded
  • Install Nokia Lumia Flashing Driver on your computer or laptop
  • Enter the Nokia Lumia 1090 firmware folder and select the WPID folder
  • The next step is select Start. Batch and open as Administrator
  • Check the "Flash a Windows Phone Image onto your phone" menu
  • Then click next and leave it temporarily then we go back to our nokia device
  • Turn off our Nokia Lumia 535 then press the volume up button and connect our Nokia to your computer or laptop until the screen appears like a picture setting with a gear
  • And back to the windows image tool program, click on the "Change" menu and navigate to the file with FFU format and select it
  • After everything is finished, select the "Flash" menu
  • Wait until the progress is complete from 0% to 100%
  • Finished
So, here is an explanation of how to flash Nokia Lumia 1090 via an offline PC, which we have already conveyed, but still have to Do With Your On Risk and thank you

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