Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Vivo Y71 PD1731 FRP Remove Tested

The latest way to overcome vivo y71 pd1731 who have forgotten pattern, forgot password, forgot the security code, locked google account, bypass frp google account. (unlock remove forgot password pattern lock and bypass frp verification google account vivo y71) without using box, can not wipe all data factory reset.Proses workmanship using miflash beta (xiaomi version), or can also use the latest version.due to cpu processor device vivo y71 uses the Qualcomm snapdragon chip, then we can use the tool using the miflash tool, the way it works exactly like flashing xiaomi.

Remove Google FRP Vivo Y71

Files To Downloaded
  1. Vivo Y71 FRP Remove File
  2. Mi Flashtool Latest
  3. Qualcomm QLoader Driver
  4. Pass Chat Me Via Whatsapp
How To Remove FRP

  • Extract the bypass frp file vivo y71 on the computer and save anywhere as you like to be easy to find
  • Install qualcomm usb driver and if you use some versions of windows it would be nice to just follow this How to Disable Driver Signature tutorial
  • Once it works and everything is ready, open Mi Flashtool
  • Select the Select menu and navigate where you saved the bypass file frp vivo y71 on your computer and select the folder
  • Then Turn off your vivo y71 and connect to your desktop
  • Click refresh and a COM will appear that is used by vivo y71 in device manager
  • Finally click Flash
  • Wait a while until there is information the operation succsessfull
  • Remove your vivo y71 from the computer and turn it on
  • Done
So how to overcome Vivo Y71 PD1731 Bypass FRP, may be useful for you and this tutorial you can also use when your vivo y71 experience the following conditions

Vivo Y71 Support For Remove

  • vivo y71 are you locked?
  • forgot the security code?
  • forgot the password?
  • forgot password pattern?
  • vivo y71 you can not wipe all data?

vivo y71 you locked google account (bypass frp)

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