Saturday, May 19, 2018

Lava Iris 80 Bypass FRP Solution

For a chance this morning I will give a tutorial where this way is from my friend who trouble how to Bypass FRP Lava Iris 80, here I will not give file but lava iris firmware 80 plus remove frp, so if you are experiencing something like that I mentioned above, please use this method and for the materials and tools I have provided so you can easily start Bypass FRP Lava Iris 80 this well.

Lava Iris 80 Bypass FRP

Download Files
  1. Firmware Remove FRP Lava Iris 80
  2. Firmware FRP Lava Iris 80
  3. Mediatek USB Driver
  4. SP Flashtool Latest

Ho It Work And Tested
  • Here we do not need edit file or do not change the setting on sp flashtool, because we will do full flash with firmware remove frp lava iris 80 and like us flash reset type mediatek
  • Install first firmware remove frp lava iris 80
  • Extract all files and store them on your computer / laptop so you can easily search for them
  • Open SP Flashtool and click "Scatter Laoding" navigate and select file "Android_scatter.txt" which is in one folder together firmware
  • Then click "Download" and connect your iris 80 lava to your computer.laptop
  • After that the process will run immediately and you can wait until the flashing process is complete with the emergence of green boxes and circles as follow
Lava Iris 80 Bypass FRP
  • Release the lava iris 80 connection from your laptop. And please turn it on to vibrate, as the initial boot is a bit longer
  • Done
This morning I gave the Tutorial Bypass FRP Lava Iris 80 Tested and free also use sp flashtool, hopefully what I have given above can be useful for you and especially for users of lava iris 80 smartphones who have a problem requesting google account frp lava iris 80, good luck and thanks

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