Monday, May 21, 2018

How To Bypass And Remove FRP Himax M2 Plus

on the occasion this morning I will give tutorial How to Remove FRP Himax M2 Plus with very easy and simple course of course, well so that not to linger longer we just see explanation from me here
Remove FRP Himax M2 Plus

Files And Tools
  1. Mediatek USB Driver
  2. Miracle Tool Free
  3. No Pass
Step By Step
  • Extract miracle tool and also mediatek usb driver on your computer / laptop
  • Open the miracle tool free then setting it as it is in the following picture
Remove FRP Himax M2 Plus
  • Once open the miracle tool free it, we click on the tab Unlock / Fix
  • Then select Clear Setting / FRP
  • And to Unlock just select Account Lock you can scroll down
  • Then for the Boot tab can choose 8thBoot
  • And for Universal let it be the default setting
  • After you feel the correct setting of miracle tool free its the same as the one in the picture above, turn off your himax m2 plus
  • Click on Start Button and connect himax m2 plus to computer in dead position
  • If the dialog box appears about whether you want to backup the rom in Bin format, just choose No because here we will not backup only bypass frp it
  • Automatically miracle will run by itself and does not take long only about 1 minute process bypass frp Himax M2 Plus is finished
  • Remove the himax m2 plus from the computer and please turn it on
For more details, here I've given in the visual form, so you better understand and understand the ways and tutorials that I provide

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