Thursday, April 12, 2018

Remove Mi Account Xiaomi Mi 4c Tested

See you again here on this page, of course I hope you are all in good condition and still in His protection, good for tutorial on this morning opportunity I will share How to Remove Mi Account Xiaomi Mi 4c Tested that I apply to Miui 9 and can Update.

Remove Mi Account Xiaomi Mi 4c

You probably already know that Mi 4c is not in all language support and also the absence of Google Playstore, because the Mi 4c is only in China only for the country, but not so with my tutorial this time,before stepping to remove mi account mi 4c, we will need some file and its tool below

Information :
  • The process of removing the micloud does not require a flash process like micloud bypass in general and does not require installation of mi flash
  • Position Miui 9 with Rom China but you can replace the rom
  • Do not update rom
  • File size is less than 1mb only
  • Can create a new mi account
Download Files Bellow
  1. Mi Account Remove File
  2. Qualcomm USB Driver
  3. Minimal ADB And Fastboot
How Remove Mi 4c Mi Account
  • After all the above files you already get, the next step is to extract all the files on the computer of course
  • Install Qualcomm USB Driver first and also at least ADB And Fastboot
  • Then turn off your Xiaomi Mi 4c and go into fastboot mode by pressing the volume down key and power until it appears
  • Connect your Xiaomi Mi 4c to the computer and open Minimum ADB And Fastboot
  • Once open, in a new window at least adb type the command as follows
  1. fastboot devices then enter
  2. fastboot oem edl then enter
  • Xiaomi Mi 4c you will immediately die and will be in the position of Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008
  • Open the Mi Account Remove Folder and click on "mi4c-miaccount"
  • Please select at number 2 on your keyboard then enter
  • Wait a few moments to complete the process
  • Xiaomi Mi 4c in the position does not turn on, immediately turn on and wait until successful to the homescreen menu
  • Done
So if the tutorial How to Bypass Micloud Mi 4c ,I suggest do this tutorial carefully because I am not responsible for things that happen on your Xiaomi Mi 4c after the process and tutorial above and thank you

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