Saturday, March 17, 2018

How to Unlock Activation Lock Iphone 4

How to Unlock Activation Lock Iphone 4,do you feel bored with your iphone 4 smarpthone asking for code activation on your main view when you try to turn on your iphone and just stop on Activation Key, this time I will try to share for you who have problem that I have explained above that Bypass Keys Activate Iphone 4

Unlock Activation Lock Iphone 4

Download This Files
  1. iTunes 12.73 Click Here
  2. Unlock Aktivation Lock File Click Here
Bypass Lock Activation Step
  • Extract the filesyou have downloaded
  • Connect the iphone to a state with the computer
  • Open the Iphone 4 Bypass File folder then run ssh_rd_rev04b-iPhone4-RevA.jar (if it can not open first install JAVA application you can download it digoogle)
  • Iphone is turned on and still connected to the computer press and hold the Home + Power button until the iphone screen turns off then counts approximately 5 seconds then release the Power button but keep the Home button until the iphone enter DFU Mode or download iReb and follow the prompts until your Iphone 4 comes in DFU Mode
  • If Iphone successfully entered DFU Mode, look at the SSH screen and Wait until the exploit process successfully marked
  • After successful then open WinSCP.exe
  • Then open Command on WinSCP and type "" then enter or click Execute
  • Open the Iphone Bypass File 4 Copy mnt1 and mnt2 to / <root> on WinSCP
  • Bypass Iphone 4 File → Caches Copy the files inside to / <root> → mnt1 → Library → Caches
  • Bypass Iphone 4 files → CDMA-GSM Copy mnt1 and mnt2 to / root
  • File Bypass Iphone 4 → Lockdown then Copykan file located inside / to <root> → mnt2 → Library → Lockdown
  • Repeat this step: Iphone Bypass File 4 → CDMA-GSM Copy mnt1 and mnt2 to / <root>
  • Then close / close WinSCP and ssh_rd_rev04b-iPhone4-RevA.jar
  • Restart Iphone by press and hold the Home + Power button then Iphone will enter Recovery or Itune logo appears with the data cable
  • Then Open winbrella.exe to exit recovery and click Exit Recovery
  • Iphone will Restart to enter the main screen
  • Done

That way Iphone 4 bypass and Happy iphone 4 my friend managed to be Ipod. It's a little complicated and need accuracy in doing so for the bypass process to succeed, If less clear please send comments via comment field below

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