Saturday, March 3, 2018

How To Solved Blackberry OS 10 Error After Hard Reset

Have you ever had your blackberry os 10 after a hard reset or after wiping and turns your blackberry just up on the blackberry logo error on display screen, I'm sure you will definitely experience it, this time I will try to share tutorial Solutions the Blackberry OS 10 Error After Hard Reset for you and please you just follow the tutorial that I will provide below

Blackberry OS 10 Error After Hard Reset

Download This Files
  • Autoloader Blackberry OS 10 Here
  • SIC Multiwipe Here atau Here
  • Blackberry Link

Steps To Solved
  • Extract autoloader and also sic multiwipe
  • Install the blackberry links so that your blackberry can be connected to the computer
  • If your blackberry has not yet read by computers, do off-connect between the device and the computer to really detected
  • If it's been read and well connected, click on the sicmultiwipe. exe and just wait until it is finished and your blackberry will die and only the Red led that lights up
  • Do more off-dial if your blackberry has not yet read after you do a full wipe and full of clear, since wiping this will erase all data and content from your blackberry
  • And if your blackberry device is already connected to the back of the computer, please click on the Autoloader file and wait till the process flashing finished
  • After process finished, allow the loader to your blackberry will turn on by itself gets to the home screen
  • Finish and Done

If after flashing and it still just blinking led, or simply from the results of the experience that the version of autoloader with different blackberry os 10 version, or can be likely due to os version 10 you previously already the latest version and you choose the version in under it, the way you mismatch again with the higher version of the previous version of os 10 and thanks

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