Tuesday, March 20, 2018

How To See All Xiaomi Model Number Via Fastboot

How To See The Xiaomi Type Clear And Sure By knowing the Xioami type would be the key to success when flashing, this is certainly related to the selection of the right firmware. For that, on this occasion I will discuss about how to know the type Xiaomi via fastboot.not excessive also suppose this tutorial I share special for who have not understood at all and hard to find and ask where and what exactly type xiaomi you use, and Here are the steps

See All Xiaomi Model Number Via Fastboot

Download This Files
  1. Minimal ADB Fastboot Click Here
  2. Qualcomm USB Driver Click Here
Step For How To See
  • Of course you should extract the downloaded file on your computer / laptop
  • Install Qualcomm USB Driver if your xiaomi uses a qualcomm chipset
  • Install USB Driver MTK if your xiaomi uses Mediatek chipset
  • Install also Minimal ADB Fastboot well and correctly
  • Turn off your xiaomi and enter the fastboot mode menu by pressing the volume down key and power button together
  • When you can get into fastboot menu with bunny image then connect your xiaomi to computer / laptop
  • Let the driver immediately install and on device manager be read as Android Bootloader Interface
  • Then open a minimum adb fastboot and type the command as follows

fastboot devices then enter
fastboot getvar product then enter

  • If your process is correct, at least adb fastboot will soon appear the variant or type xiaomi you clearly and definitely of course like the following picture I example on xiaomi 4x santoni
See All Xiaomi Model Number Via Fastboot
  • On the picture above will read the product: santoni, meaning your xiaomi is redmi 4x santoni
  • Done and disconnect your xiaomi connection from the computer

For the things I've figured out is where you do not recognize the type or product of your own xiaomi so you're wondering, because I'm sure if you want to start the flashing process or just open a mi or bypass micloud account if you do not know the type xiaomi, it will be trouble too, and hopefully with this tutorial this time can be useful, good luck and thanks

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