Sunday, March 18, 2018

How To Remove Mi Account Xiaomi Mi Max Hydrogen

I've made the article here, that is delete the account mi or ordinary we often hear it with the term bypass micloud, and as usual also after I finished doing remove micloud mi max this I immediately create an article with the title How to Bypass Micloud Xiaomi Mi Max [Hydrogen], to shorten our time directly to the topic
Remove Mi Account Xiaomi Mi Max

Prepaire This File
  1. File Bypass Micloud Mi Max Click Here
  2. Qualcomm USB Driver Click Here
Previously because here we will use edl mode and test point method just to process fast, we certainly need where the location of test point from xiaomi mi max, and this process no longer need flash, because I replace with batch file,to more we just follow the steps and this is the location of the test point xiaomi mi max

Remove Mi Account Xiaomi Mi Max

How To Remove Procedure

  • Install the qualcomm usb driver
  • Extract the micloud mi max bypass file and in it there will be a folder also some files like below

Remove Mi Account Xiaomi Mi Max
  • Please while you focus on connecting test point like in the picture above by using tweezers or similar materials, the core of this is your xiaomi when connected with computer will be read as qualcomm hs-usb qdloader 9008
  • After you have finished connecting the test point and connecting the xiaomi mi max to the computer and also finished xiaomi mi max you read the qualcomm 9008 we continue to the next stage
  • Go back to the micloud bypass file folder and please select mimax-miaccount.bat and double click on the file and the command window will appear like this then the process will automatically run by itself

Remove Mi Account Xiaomi Mi Max
  • You will only wait until the micloud bypass process is complete and your xiaomi mi max will restart again indicating that remove micloud mi max hydrogen you have finished
  • Remove the xiaomi and please turn it on as normal
How To Remove Mi Account Xiaomi Mi Max Hydrogen], hopefully with me make tutorial you will be helpful and thanks

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