Thursday, February 8, 2018

Unlock Mi Account Redmi Note Pro [Leo] Done

For Redmi Note Pro type or commonly called Redmi Note Pro Leo is probably rarely the user, but still there are still among those who like this type of mobile phone, I was sure there are objects there must be damage in arise by the user itself, suppose that I will share his tutorial here that is Remove Mi Account Redmi Note Pro [Leo] for you this smartphone user, and just see the tutorial

Unlock Mi Account Mi Note Pro

Not most people use tutorials using Mi Flash Tool when going to process Bypass Mi Cloud Redmi Note Pro, but here I will give the tutorial with just one click only, must also remember here we also used to use edl method, the process is fast and do not wait long Redmi Note Pro is back you can use as before and this is a test point redmi note pro, for files and tools please you first

Mi Account Mi Note Pro

Download Improtant Files Bellow
  1. Redmi Note Pro Remove Files
  2. Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader Driver
  • The first step we have to do is install Qualcomm USB Driver and customize with your windows feature, whether 32bit or 64bit
  • After successfully and apparently still not readable, please check first whether you have Disable Driver Signature Enforcement or not yet, if not done by restarting your laptop or computer and switch off
  • Once successful, connect your Redmi Note Pro to your computer or laptop and make sure that your phone is read as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008
  • Open the Remove Mi Account Files folder and will see a file like this "MiNotePro-miaccount"
  • You just in task to click the file and then appear like windows command and there are several options and select the number 2 "Remove" like the following picture
Unlock Mi Account Mi Note Pro
  • If the process runs only takes less than 2 minutes the process has been completed
  • Remove your Redmi Note Pro from your computer or laptop and please turn it on
  • Done
It's very easy and I'm sure for you Redmi Note Pro users can directly you own practice without having to be assisted with the expert, so my article discussed How to Bypass Micloud Redmi Note Pro [Leo] for today, good luck and thanks

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