Thursday, February 8, 2018

Remove And Clean Mi Account Redmi 4x [Santoni]

Redmi 4x is one smartphone with features and luxuries that you can get in it, for the type redmi 4x or commonly we call with Redmi 4x Santoni is indeed a lot of users, but when the smartphone that you use everyday suddenly experience failure booting and can not get into the homescreen, with problems that occur like this is definitely you have to reinstall all of the android system, when successful and finished, the second problem arises that is Mi Locked or ordinary we call Mi Account or Mi Cloud, then how to fix it, here we will give an explanation for Redmi 4x users, and there are some files and mobile drivers you should prepare before stepping to Remove Mi Cloud or Bypass Mi Redmi 4x Santoni Account this and we can see what is needed to can Remove And Clean Mi Redmi 4x Account.

Clean Mi Account Redmi 4x [Santoni]
  1. Remove Mi Account File
  2. Remove Mi Account File For Mi Flash Tool
  3. Mi Flash Tool Latest Version
  4. Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008
Here we will not give way and tutorial using Mi Flash and does not also need to re-flash process like in general we reinstall every handphone that experience failure during boot process, here we have give special file with just one click just mi account that can be locked open and Redmi 4x Santoni you can be used again as before, but to be able to connect well between mobile and computer or laptop, redmi 4x we must have read in device manager as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 and we only need Test Point method, where the location of Test Point Redmi 4x this, you can see the picture below

Clean Mi Account Redmi 4x [Santoni]
  1. The first step we must do is to connect the first and second points so that the two points together
  2. After that connect your 4x redmi to your computer or laptop
  3. Let until the drivers are installed properly and well, if it is correct then your 4x redmi is read as Qualcomm 9008 on device manager
  4. Fixed if still not connected properly, you should do Disable Driver Signature Enforcement
  5. Open the bypass mi accounts folder that you have downloaded and will see some file diantarnya there is "SANTONI_EDL.exe"
  6. The next process you just start a click on the file, then a new window will appear as follows
  7. You just choose the number 1 in accordance with the description on the picture above and press enter
  8. Wait until Redmi 4x you restart by itself
  9. Done
If the above method does not work and the account is still locked, you do not worry, because we provide two files, files with the type of Command that you have to practice above and also files using Mi Flash Tool and you can fix it with a flash back of course, please give comment and give feedback from you if there is a link error, so we can help improve it and thank you


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