Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Remove Mi Account Redmi Note 4X [Mido]

For users of the Redmi Note 4x Qualcomm smartphone, if it turns out you are having trouble not getting into the homescreen android, because your smartphone screen stopped and asked to activate the account xiaomi [mi account], this is where you will find a solution to the problem,let us process the problem together here and all you have to do for the first time is to prepare some files between them

Redmi Note 4x Qualcomm Mi Account Remove

Here we will give two ways to remove mi account on redmi note 4x mido, and for this type of smartphone you do not have to open the rear cassing and look for test point, because we have given tutorial How To Fastboot To EDL Redmi Note 4x, and we see how in order for the process to run properly
  • Extract files you have previously obtained using winrar or similar applications
  • In order for the process to run properly, install qualcomm qloader usb driver on your computer or laptop
  • For the first way we will provide by using mi flash and use Mi Flash V2017,4,25,0 for the process to run well
  • Connect redmi note 4x mido to your computer or laptop and go to fastboot mode then search fastboot to edl folder and click EDL.batch
  • Automatically redmi note 4x will be in edl position and read in device manager as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008
  • Open Mi Flash and browse then navigate where you save and extract the file remove mi account
  • Still in Mi Flash click Refresh and will appear COM used redmi note 4x
  • Finally click Flash, the process of remove mi account is running only takes a few minutes after completion there will be Succsess notifications
  • Done
Please note that this way is my way, and if it turns out to be your own way of failure, it is not our responsibility, we make this article because we have tested and succeeded by us so.Do With Your On Risk.This bypass file no error or no bug including and tested by me,read before your flashing procedure

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