Thursday, February 8, 2018

Remove Clean Mi Account Redmi 4

You are one of the users of the Redmi 4 Qualcomm smartphone and you are still confused by how to get into the homescreen menu without any notification requesting the mi account first, for this one problem is a lot of discussing and sharing tutorial, but in a way that Different also, for this opportunity we try to share tutorial How to Remove Clean Mi Account Redmi 4 using flash method via flash tool again, we just see tutorial

Remove Clean Mi Account Redmi 4

Prepare some of these files and tools
Before we go to the process bypass mi account redmi 4, we prepare our smartphone in edl mode position, because for this type is still no fastboot to edl file as we have explained from some types that have been able to edl mode without having to open and see test point, here we have also given the image where the location of test point for Redmi 4, if you have prepared everything proceed to stage bypass micloud redmi 4 and in the position is connected to the computer or laptop and redmi 4 you are in position edl mode readable as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 go to the next steps

  • Extract the file remove mi account and you can rename the folder to "image" just for your easy search
  • Open Mi Flash Tool and after open select "Select" then navigate to folder "image" that you have created which contains some file remove mi account redmi 4
  • Daam redmi 4 position still connected to computer or laptop and have read Qualcomm 9008 you click "Refresh" on Mi Flashtool and will appear serial COM that used by Redmi 4 you
  • After that you can select and click "Flash"
  • The mi account bypass process is in progress and you can wait for a few minutes until there is a notification "the operation succsessfull"
  • Once done you can release Redmi 4 from the computer and start turning on
  • Done
After the process of deleting your account red red 4 successful, it's good you do Wipe Data and Wipe Cache for more perfect results and your smartphone has now become new when you buy new from the store, thanks

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