Thursday, February 8, 2018

Bypass Mi Account Redmi Mi 4i [Ferrari]

I am very confident for users Xiaomi Mi 4i has been circulating around the world, but what if your phone stuck on the screen that asks for the account mi, this problem and we need to fix if your phone wants to re-use as mestinnya, and this time I try to How to Bypass [Remove] Mi Account Xiaomi Mi 4i for you and hopefully what I give you tutorial you can practice with your phone requesting mi account.

Mi Account Redmi Mi 4i [Ferrari]

As usual we will not provide how to use mi flashtool, because here we have provided the file with one click or just we call it with the command, so for those of you who do not understand any you can practice yourself without having to help with the expert, you should also be able to connect this xiaomi mi 4i to edl mode, do not worry here we already have jgua where the location of test point xiaomi mi 4i so you can more quickly and understand it

Download This Files
  1. Redmi Mi 4i Bypass Files
  2. Qualcomm USB Driver
Remove Procedure
  • After you successfully extract all the files you have got before, you also have to install Qualcomm USB Driver, select and adjust with windows system you use
  • Connect your Xiaomi Mi 4i first to your computer or laptop and make sure that your phone is connected as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008
  • Open the Remove Mi Account folder Xiaomi Mi 4i File and will generate some files only
  • The next step and this is the step where we will Bypass Mi Account Xiaomi Mi 4i then you search file "mi4i-miaccount.batch" and double click
  • Will appear on your computer desktop or laptop as follows
  • Then select the number 2 "Remove" and just wait for the process will run by itself and if Xiaomi Mi 4i you restart please you can wait until the homescreen
  • Done
Please note that this way is my way, and if it turns out to be your own way of failure, it is not our responsibility, we make this article because we have tested and succeeded by us so.This bypass file no error or no bug including and tested by me and do with your on risk,read before your flashing procedure

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