Friday, February 9, 2018

Bypass Mi Account Redmi Mi 3 [ Pisces ]

What we will give and share the tutorial here is for type xiaomi mi 3 or with the name of its model Xiaomi Mi 3 Pisces, constraints and its damage is not worrying about software and hardware, because what we will explain on this day is how to repair and overcome Xiaomi Mi 3 Remove Mi Account or Xiaomi Mi 3 Pisces Bypass Micloud, you follow the tutorial we provide and with a high success rate and success of course, how to work and his tutorial, just follow and read carefully because do with your on risk

Mi Account Redmi Mi 3 Remove Mi Account

There are some files and smartphone drivers that you need to prepare and prepare before moving on to the next step like Xiaomi Mi 3 Remove Files and also Qualcomm HS QDLoader 9008 Driver, and Mi Flashtool which you can choose with the latest version to make the process run smoothly

  • Extract all the files you've got and save them in your computer drive using winrar or 7zip
  • Install Qualcomm Driver & Mi Flashtool then after the installation is good you reboot your computer or laptop again, and if you use windows 64bit it's good also you directly Disable Driver Signature Enforcement first so that between xiaomi mi 3 and computer can connect well
  • The next step you can turn off your 3 mi niaomi which we will connect to the computer with emergency download or EDL method, how to test point to get into edia xiaomi mi 3 mode, you can see in the following picture
Mi Account Redmi Mi 3 Remove Mi Account
  • Once you have found it, then connect your smartphone to your computer or laptop and let the qualcomm drivers finish installing and afterwards in your device manager it will be read as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008
  • Next open Mi Flashtool and click "Refresh" after readable COM you can proceed by selecting menu "Browse" and navigate where you save file remove mi account xiaomi mi 3
  • After successfully successfully enter the remove file, there are 3 menu options under flashtool then you can choose "Clean All"
  • The last step is click "Flash"
  • Wait until the process of remove mi cloud xiaomi mi 3 pisces with the description "the operation successfull complete"
  • Unplug your smartphone from your computer or laptop and turn it on
  • Done

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