Thursday, October 4, 2018


Have you ever thought that if your smartphone is activated there is no picture or no display like on a smartphone in general, when your device is connected to a computer or laptop, only the HS-USB qdloader 9008 qualcomm reads no more than that, maybe Asus Zenfone Go x009 you have a hardbrick.


We will try to share the solution on how to overcome the full flashing Zenfone Go X009da using the QFill tool, but here we suggest that you have to need a battery of approximately 40 percent so that the full flashing process can be easily handled and done of course

Follow The Step How To Fix
  • First you Download Asus X009DA QFill Firmware and then extract it on your computer or laptop
  • Second Download Latest QPST Tool and install it on your computer or laptop
  • Third, Download Qualcomm USB Flashing Driver for perfect results when the device is connected to a computer or laptop device and the flashing process runs well
  • It is highly recommended and maybe this step is very important, if you use Windows 7 32bit ignore this step, but if you are a Windows 7 user and 64bit features, please Disable the Signature Driver so that the device and computer connections can be properly connected
  • Next is to disable your Asus device, open the Start Menu - QPST - QFILL then run as administrator and wait until the qfill opens
  • Connect your device to the computer and make sure that the device is connected to the Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 read on the computer device manager
  • After success, the next step is to enter the prog_emmc_firehose_8916.mbn file in the Asus firmware folder, also enter the rawprogram.xml and patch0.xml files still in the firmware folder,as in the picture below the settings of the file that you have entered in the qfill tool
  • After all three files you have successfully entered in the Qfill application, the last step is to click the Download menu, then you can wait until the process is successful and complete
  • Done & Solved
After you can flashing and can go back to the system menu, the display will be very different in Asus, we explain that this is just a process of returning Asus to the normal boot position and we can access it, but it's still not perfect, to maximize perfect results, you requires the flashing process again but with the latest version of Asus firmware and do not forget to adjust the series that is on your device for example WW and TW series, and so the tutorial we say thank you

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


REDMI 6A MI ACCOUNT REMOVE WITH FASTBOOT,Greetings, for you redmi 6a a.k.a Cactus user with the initial display after booting and after the device is activated ask for this mi account and we must remove it first so that the mi account that is still associated with another user account can we replace with our own mi account

Bypass Micloud Redmi 6a Cactus Fastboot Mode

The way that we provide is very easy for you, because it does not require access to test points and edl mode, only with fastboot mode can you use redmi 6a again, remove mi account redmi 6a is permanent and can create a new mi account and login as new mi account, previously prepare the remove file and tools

Redmi 6a Mi Account File
Qualcomm Android Driver

How To Remove Mi Account Redmi 6a
  • Extract remove mi account redmi 6a file first and there will be two folders in it like 32bit and 64bit
  • We consider here you already understand how to use files for Windows 32bit and Windows 64bit
  • After that, install Qualcomm Android USB Driver until it's finished, and if you use Windows 32bit just ignore it, but if you use Windows 64bit, we recommend Disable Driver Signature first so that the connection between the device and the PC runs well
  • The next step is to deactivate your redmi 6a device and enter fastboot mode by pressing the volume down button and the power button together
  • After the display changes like a fastboot image, release all the buttons
  • Connect your device to the PC and let the driver first install it properly, or after successfully installing, please disconnect your device and then reconnect
  • Next, go to the file folder remove mi account redmi 6a cactus then please select it according to the Windows system that you use
  • If you use Windows 64bit, select then click Run as administrator and click Redmi 6a Cactus Micloud
  • After that, press the space bar key on your PC or laptop keyboard and wait for the process to finish
  • Done

Monday, September 24, 2018


For Redmi 5a users and we often hear also as Redmi 5a Riva which happens to be your device has not unlocked the bootloader, here we will try to share the unlock bootloader firmware specifically for the Redmi 5a, this unlocked bootloader firmware has already been tested and it turns out that the redmi 5a device is correct managed to unlock the bootloader in the usual way how do we flash xiaomi or redmi using mi flashtool.


But before you start flashing the redmi 5a firmware unlock bootloader, we recommend that you first backup your device's IMEI number first, because after we tested the redmi 5a flashing using the unlock bootloader firmware it turned out that the IMEI was lost and the baseband unknown, note the points we explained above and this is important , if your device does not want to lose the IMEI number

Download File Bellow

Firmware Unlock Bootloader
Qualcomm Flashing Driver
Mi Flashtool All Version
How To Flash Redmi 5a With Firmware UBL

  • The first step you have to do is extract all the files that you downloaded earlier
  • Install Qualcomm Flashing Driver and also install Mi Flashtool 2017.4.25 because this flashtool mi version is very compatible with any xiaomi or redmi firmware
  • After everything is ready, the next process, because your redmi 5a is still locked bootloader position, use test points and or edl mode, please find the location of the redmi 5a test point
  • We assume you can enter the EDL test point mode and after that please connect your device to the PC until the device manager looks Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008
  • For problems with your device it is not yet read and visible in the device manager, because you use Windows 32bit or 64bit, all you have to do is Disable Driver Signature and after that please proceed to the next step
  • Open Mi Flashtool 2017.4.25 then select the Refresh menu and the serial com will appear which is used by your device in the device manager
  • The next step is to select the Select menu and navigate to where you extract the redmi 5a bootloader firmware unlock and just select the folder
  • The last step select the Flash menu and the process of flashing the redmi 5a unlock bootloader will run by itself
  • Wait until there is a Succssessfully Complete notification on the mi flashtool
  • After that you can release your device from the PC
  • Finished
You need to remember and know, we will not be responsible if errors that occur due to your own mistakes, and once again we remind Backup Imei Number first if you want to start using the redmi 5a bootloader firmware, success and thank you


file remove micloud complete in my opinion, and I have made it one so that you xiaomi users can easily find this remove mi cloud file, I have also made my article in the Mi Cloud File Unlock Collection that I shared yesterday, and today may be more complete from what I explained above, we just see how many files remove micloud below

Mi Account Remove File Collections

Redmi 4 Prada
Redmi 4x Santoni
Redmi 4a Rolex
Redmi 4 Prime Markw
Redmi 3-3 Pro-3 Prime Ido
Redmi 3x,3s Land
Redmi Note 3 Pro Kenzo
Redmi Note 3 Special Edition Kate
Xiaomi Mi 3,Mi 4 Cancro
Redmi Mi Max Hydrogen
Redmi Mi Max Prime Hellium
Redmi Mi Note Pro Leo
Redmi Note 4 Mtk Nikel
Redmi Mi Note Virgo
Redmi Mi 5 Gemini
Xiaomi Mi 4c Libra
Redmi Mi 4i Ferarri
Redmi Note 4x Mido
Redmi Note 4G Dior
Redmi Mi 4s Aqua
Redmi Note 5a Ugglite
Redmi Mi 5c Meri
Redmi Note 3 Mtk Hennessy
Redmi 5a Riva
Redmi Note 4G Gucci
For those of you who may still be beginners, you can see how to use mi flash, the tutorial and steps are the same, here I also provide a tutorial on how to enter smartphone edl mode 5 Easy Steps to Enter EDL Mode and please You follow the tutorial so that you can improvise it yourself, because I have tested the remove mi cloud file successfully