Sunday, November 18, 2018

Remove Mi Account Redmi 5 Plus With Mi Flash

How to remove mi account on redmi 5 plus, here and today we will share the tutorial and tested files that we have tested and successfully Remove Mi Account Redmi 5 plus Vince,what we will use the tool is as usual we are flashing xiaomi or redmi like Mi Flash Tool, for this tool we use the mi flash tool version 2017.4.25 because this version in our opinion is very compatible with various types and models of xiaomi, previously downloaded this file

Remove Mi Account Redmi 5 Plus With Mi Flash

How It Work And Remove
  • Extract all files and tools using WinRAR or similar applications that suit your tastes
  • Install the Qualcomm USB driver and also the Mi Flash Tool on the computer and after it's finished please restart your computer
  • Turn off your Redmi 5 plus and look for the location of the test point device, for test points please search on Google which has been widely shared
  • After successfully entering edl 9008 mode, open the mi flash tool and click Sellect menu and navigate to the firmware extract folder redmi 5 plus
  • Still on the flash mi click the Refresh menu and the serial port will appear that is used by the Redmi 5 Plus
  • Finally click the Flash menu and the process of removing the Mi Redmi 5 Plus account will run automatically
  • Wait until it's finished and then remove the device from the computer and turn it on
  • Finished

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Samsung J7 Prime G610F FRP Remove By Odin

One more problem that came to us with the problem of Samsung J7 Prime forgot the pattern, finally we tried the Samsung J7 Prime hard reset and succeeded, but the second problem came back which initially only forgot the pattern, now Samsung J7 Prime requested a Google account already embedded in the device, we immediately tried it and at first we will try to use the combination file, but this file is too big for the cellphone owner to wait, and after we have captured the special file, finally FRP is lost and Samsung J7 Prime can be used again

FRP Remove Samsung J7 Prime G610F

Download This Files
How To Solved With Odin
  • First extract all files using the WinRAR or 7ZIP application on your computer and save it so that it is easy to find
  • Install the Samsung mobile phone USB driver until it is finished and make sure everything is running no errors
  • Turn off your Samsung J7 Prime and enter Odin mode by pressing the Home - Vol Down - Power button together
  • Release all the buttons if the display has changed to the position that is ready to download and just press the vol up button once until odin mode appears
  • Connect the Samsung J7 Prime device to the computer using a good cable and make sure there are no errors
  • Open Odin Tool and look at the Com ID section that already has Com that matches the device manager and your Samsung J7 Prime location
  • Select the AP menu then navigate to where you saved the Samsung J7 Prime FRP remove file on your computer and click Start on the Odin Tool
  • If you see the odin tool there is an error like the description Failed in red, do not panic, because this only lasts a while
  • Please disconnect from the computer and press the vol down button then power until a triangle image appears
  • After the triangular display appears successfully, reconnect your Samsung J7 Prime to the computer and please flash it again as in the first step
  • Wait until information is passed on the odin tool and please release your Samsung J7 Prime and turn it on
  • Finished

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Fastboot To EDL Xiaomi Mi4,Mi3 Without Test Point

You have trouble on your Xiaomi mi4 device, mi3 when you are going to the flashing process and need a test point to get edl mode, and your device's bootloader is still locked, we try to explain how to enter xiaomi edl mi4w mode, mi3 without having to test points, because for the test point this device does have to open the simcard slot first and it is risky

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Download Firmware Vivo Y53 PD1628F All Version For QFILL

We are distributing Vivo Y53 Firmware PD1628F All Version. We share it for you Vivo Y53 smartphone users with various versions of course and you can use the flashing tool for QPST or QFILL, Vivo Y53 so that you can enter EDL mode is very easy, you only need your fingers to change it to EDL mode and do not need additional files or other special tools, so we will try to explain how to and vivo y53 re-flashing tutorials in our next post


Download Firmware Vivo Y53 ( PD1628F )
  • PD1628F_EX_A_1.13.8_vivo_qcom_LA.UM.5.3-02910-89xx.0_msm8937
  • Download
Download Firmware Vivo Y53 ( PD1628F )
  • PD1628F_EX_A_1.12.4_vivo_qcom_LA.UM.5.3-02910-89xx.0_msm8937
  • Download
Download Firmware Vivo Y53 ( PD1628F )
  • PD1628F_EX_A_1.13.18_vivo_qcom_LA.UM.5.3-02910-89xx.0_msm8937
  • Download
Download Firmware Vivo Y53 ( PD1628F )
  • PD1628F_EX_A_1.9.1_vivo_qcom_LA.UM.5.3-02910-89xx.0_msm8937
  • Download
All right, so we shared this time, use this firmware using QPST or QFILL Tool and then you can adjust the type of your smartphone, do not do this firmware for other devices because it can cause additional damage to your device, thank you